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As Holy Week approaches, the to-do lists get longer and the time gets shorter! Even though it isn’t, strictly speaking, the “good news” of this liturgical season, Pitts does have some good news! You can cross at least one item off your list by finding bulletin and program images in the Pitts Digital Image Archive. In addition to the regular character search features, you can also search the database by scripture verse, streamlining the search process. You can find almost 600 images that engage the crucifixion in the DIA database, including this representation of Jesus as the “Man of Sorrows” in the title page to one of Martin Luther’s sermons on the suffering of Christ. Try searching for the term “crucifixion” or “cross” or even “suffering” and “Christ.” Each DIA entry will include a brief description of the image as well as information about the original source of the image, which we hope can help you and your parishoners engage the biblical texts in new ways.

In keeping with the cyclical nature of the Holy Week events, there are also a number of images relating to the joy of the resurrection! One particularly beautiful find is this stunning 15th century woodcut pulling from the Mark 16 version of the Easter story (the lion at Christ’s feet is the iconographic representation of the evangelist Mark).

You can also find images that highlight the women present at the crucifixion and the resurrection events, such as the 16th c. woodcut to the right. Bottom line: the DIA is a rich resource that we hope will enhance you Holy Week programs (and many other aspects of your church’s print material as well)!

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