Pitts Scholars Projects: ‘Ethics & Health Libguide’ by Seulbin Lee

Despite interruptions to the academic year, the 2019–20 Pitts Scholars cohort continued to explore library projects in the areas of research, pedagogy, and community engagement. The Pitts Library Scholar program offers exceptional doctoral and masters students the opportunity to participate in the discussions that guide the future of the library, and this year marked the third iteration of the program since its launch in 2016.

This week we highlight rising third year MDiv Seulbin Lee’s project, an online research guide that sketches a map of ethics and health by identifying introductory resources and germane theologians in the field. Seulbin’s libguide provides various modes of pursuing the topic including feminist/womanist ethics, Catholic social ethics, philosophical ethics, and social ethics. Recommended works discuss a variety of topics from genetic technology so global health to chaplaincy. This resource comes at a critical time when scholars must navigate theological and ethical questions arising from the current health crisis. Visit the guide online to get started, and congratulations to Seulbin and her project advisor, Brady Beard, for this remarkable work on a timely subject!

Stay tuned for more Pitts Scholars Projects highlights from the 2019–20 cohort!