Spanish 530: Al- Andalus

  • Course Desciption: This course traces correspondences of architecture and literature, and the role that such correspondence played in the development of what has come to be known as Al-Andalus in the canonic context of Medieval Iberia and Renaissance Spain (1200-1600).  Class discussions will be based on comparative representations of space, time, characterization, imaging, proxemics, ornamentation, rhetoric, and style in selected printed and built texts.  The question of religious and ethnic branding of traditional aesthetic categories (‘Moorish narrative,’ ‘Jewish ornamentation,’ ‘Christian style,’ for instance) will be a critical axis for all discussions.  Through the use of theoretical and historical materials the class will examine the role played by ethnicity and religion in the process of development and production of architectural and literary texts in the Peninsula between 1200 and 1600
  • Frequently Taught By: Maria Mercedes Carrion

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