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We are happy to formally announce the launch of our journal special issue ‘Postcolonial Perspectives in Game Studies’ in the Open Library of Humanities, 4(2). Some of the articles have already been available online as per the OLH policy. All articles are open-access and are available free of cost under the OLH Creative Commons licence. The special issue was planned specifically to be made accessible to readers all over the world, especially those in third-world countries who are without access to pay-walled journals.

Postcolonial Studies has only recently started receiving its deserved videogames research and this special issue is a response to the versatility of the recent scholarship on the topic. Our introductory article explains the rationale behind the journal in detail:

Mukherjee, S. and Hammar, E.L., 2018. Introduction to the Special Issue on Postcolonial Perspectives in Game Studies. Open Library of Humanities, 4(2), p.33. DOI: The full table of contents with links to each article is attached below.

The special issue features contributions by eminent researchers in the area on the debate(s) relating to (post)coloniality, orientalism, empire and other related topics forward in future. We will be immensely grateful to have your feedback and suggestions for any future iteration of the special issue that we might plan. We also request you to circulate the link to the journal among your friends, colleagues and anyone who might be interested in the articles. You could use the following links to share this on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all contributors, reviewers and the editorial team of OLH and we hope that you will enjoy this collection as much as we did in putting it together.

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Emil and Souvik

Dr Souvik Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Presidency University, Kolkata, India
E: Videogames and Postcolonialism: The Empire Plays Back (Palgrave Macmillan 2017)

Emil Lundedal Hammar, PhD Candidate, Department of Culture & Language, Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education,UiT the Arctic University of Norway, 9037 Tromsø. E:

Full list of articles for the special issue ‘Postcolonial Perspectives in Game Studies’ for the Open Library of Humanities

• ‘Introduction to the Special Issue on Postcolonial Perspectives in Game Studies’ by Souvik Mukherjee & Emil Lundedal Hammar
• ‘The Work of Postcolonial Game Studies in the Play of Culture’ by Soraya Murray
• ‘Casual Empire: Video Games as Neocolonial Praxis’ by Sabine Harrer
• ‘Decolonising the Games Curriculum: Interventions in an Introductory Game Design Course’ by Hanli Geyser
• ‘Hybridity, Reflexivity and Mapping: A Collaborative Ethnography of Postcolonial Gameplay’ by Sybille Lammes & Stephanie de Smale
• ‘Counterfactual Communities: Strategy Games, Paratexts and the Player’s Experience of History’ by Tom Apperley
• ‘Who Made Your Phone? Compassion and the Voice of the Oppressed in Phone Story and Burn the Boards’ by Víctor Navarro-Remesal & Beatriz Pérez Zapata
• ‘Settler Colonialism in the Digital Age: Clash of Clans, Territoriality, and the Erasure of the Native’ by Jacob Euteneuer
• ‘Geralt of Poland: The Witcher 3 Between Epistemic Disobedience and Imperial Nostalgia’ by Tomasz Z. Majkowski
• ‘CosmoCult Card Game: A Methodological Tool to Understand the Hybrid and Peripheral Cultural Consumption of Young People’ by Wilson Roberto Bekesas, Mauro Berimbau, Renato Vercesi Mader, Joana Angelica Pellerano, Viviane Riegel
• ‘Facing Fanon: Examining Neocolonial Aspects in Grand Theft Auto V through the Prism of the Machinima Film Finding Fanon II’ by Steffen Krüger
• ‘Representations of Colonialism in Three Popular, Modern Board Games: Puerto Rico, Struggle of Empires, and Archipelago’ by Cornel Borit, Melania Borit, Petter Olsen

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