CFP International Conference University of Toulon and University of Lille (France)

“Wanderings and Enrootings”, 25-26 November 2021

The international conference “Wanderings and Enrootings” is organised by the University of Toulon and the University of Lille on 25-26 November 2021. This interdisciplinary conference is asking for papers that will address the themes of wandering and enrooting or footholds both in terms of social reality but also virtuality. Wandering and enrooting is endemic to a postmodern, globalised world of mobility – a world that on the one hand is open to otherness, and on the other is closing in on nationalist and ideological discourses. Taking into account cultural interaction, geographic displacement and mobility, in what sense do we see the tracing or the effacing of tracks, those, “of errant tribes, nomads and vagabonds in constant movement.” (Bourriaud). What traces do wanderings leave historically and socially? Which images, stories and writings carry a trace of mobility and those footholds or enrootings or re-enrootings that present themselves on our journeys? For Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari wandering is a “nomadic mode, a mode of immanence”, whereas a foothold is a “smooth space, an open space”. Papers on art, literature, new media, cultural activism or cultural studies related to these themes are welcome
Abstracts no longer than 200 words in English or French with a short biography should be sent before 30 August 2021 to the conference conveners.

Conference advisory board:
Eva Bischoff, Trier University
Estelle Castro-Koshy, James Cook University
Catriona Elder, University of New South Wales
Laurence Favier, Université de Lille
Deirdre Gilfedder, Université Paris-Dauphine
Stephen Muecke, University of Flinders
Marteen Renes, Université de Barcelone
Karine Tournier-Sol, Université de Toulon

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