Cassandra Quave on “Ethics in International Research: Navigating International Policies Concerning Human Subjects and Bioprospecting”

January 29 @ 10-11:30, Claudia Nance Rollins Building room 2001

Click here for an article by Professor Quave on Ethics in Bioprospecting.

Bioprospecting, a vital step in drug discovery research, is also one of the most controversial and socially complex aspects in the pharmaceutical industry. In this workshop, we will discuss the key elements of social, political and economic conflict involved in bioprospecting, from the point of view of the diverse stakeholders involved in the activity. We will review international codes of ethics concerning human subjects (from the lens of social sciences) and cover highlights of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Lastly, we will work in small groups to discuss some case studies pertaining to this topic. 

Target audience: all students

Format: Workshop.  1) Introduce students to basic principles of international policy concerning bioprospecting from natural resources( convention on biological diversity) 2) Go over some of the society codes of ethics concerning human subjects research (for the social sciences – i.e. anthropological and ethnobiological interviews) 3) Present Case Studies of biopiracy – to distinguish between bioprospecting and biopiracy 4) Break students into small groups for an activity in which they address ethical dilemmas encountered in international human subjects and bioprospecting research. Students will present their group conclusions to the class.

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