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PSI 600 Seminar (23 August 2013)

Below are some of the powerpoint presentations from the recent PSI 600 Seminar:

Carlos Moreno (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Genetics and Molecular Biology Program, Cancer Biology Program)                                                            Moreno ppt

Deboleena Roy (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology)                                                                                                                     Roy ppt

Cassandra Quave (Environmental Studies, Biology)                                          Quave ppt

Toby Schonfeld (Director of the Program for Scholarly Integrity, Bioethics)  Schonfeld ppt

Karen Hegtvedt (Sociology)                                                                                     Hegtvedt ppt

Eric Weeks (Physics)                                                                                                          Weeks ppt

Paul Root Wolpe (Center for Ethics)