Dr. Donna Maney is named a Harvard Radcliffe fellow

Psychology professor Donna L. Maney is a member of Harvard Radcliffe Institute’s 2023-24 class of fellows, a cohort whose projects contend with the urgent, the beautiful and the vast: from reckoning with the challenges of climate change to creating digital models of iconic Italian violins to detecting distant galaxies… While at Radcliffe, Dr. Maney is collaborating with scientists at Harvard University and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health to develop resources to help make biomedical research more sex/gender inclusive while upholding high standards of rigor.

Her current research is on the neurochemistry underlying social reward, the effects of hormones on sensory systems, and the evolution of social behavior. For the past decade, she and her research group have been studying a “supergene” in a songbird model that is mimicking the early evolution of sex chromosomes.

Click here to learn about the fellowship and other faculty being honored this year.

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