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  1. The first one is the research paper and the second one is a ppt. The links to other sources such as music are in the ppt.

  2. Things to remember: Parvati is consort of Shiva and the mother of Ganesha. According to tradition, Parvati was a young girl who went through austerities to become the wife of Shiva. She sat down in the forest and swore not to move until Shiva materialized and asked her to marry him. Shiva at that time was a widower and had no desire to marry. The seer Daksha (Sati’s father) had insulted Shiva by not inviting him to a party. He didn’t like him: he lived naked in the mountains meditating. Shiva’s wife Sati became so upset that she committed suicide by jumping in a fire. Shiva mourned greatly (Vishnu had to cut her body into pieces; everywhere a piece landed is a pilgrimage spot for Shaktas—worshippers of the Goddess or Divine Mother, who can be seen as Brahman).
    Parvati had been Sati in her previous life. Numerous traditions about their marriage. In one tradition, she fixed her mind on God alone, in the middle of monsoons, forest fires, elephants stampedes, etc. One day she heard a baby screaming in terror. She jumped up and raced to help. But it wasn’t a baby. Shiva came and said that he had created this illusion to test her. She was willing to help the helpless even if it meant losing what she wanted more than anything. So they got married and lived in a mountain retreat in Tibet. Parvati showed us the way to God: continued loving meditation on God and self-sacrificing love to other human beings.

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