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There are a variety of studies happening at the Emory Infant and Child Lab at any given time. Each study is designed with the intention of learning more about the cognitive and behavioral development of infants and young children. Most of our studies involve children ranging in age from newborn to 8 years old. Our current studies focus on the development of rules and norms, lying and deception, reciprocity and gift giving, social affinity and friendship, and auditory development in newborns. Other topics in our lab include sharing, negotiation, and self-other development. After working with your children, we are able to publish books, papers, and articles and present at conferences about these topics!

About Us

The Emory Infant and Child Lab is part of the Emory Child Study Center, which is part of the Emory University Department of Psychology. We are a group of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as volunteer research assistants led by Dr. Philippe Rochat. All of our studies have been approved by the Emory Institutional Review Board. We not only conduct studies in Atlanta, but also around the world. Most recently, our studies have taken us to India, the South Pacific Islands, China, Korea, and Chapas, just to name a few!



Recent News

Congratulations Hallie! Senior, Hallie Toren, successfully defended her Honors Thesis project this Spring. Hallie conducted her study on the presence of discomfort surrounding gift giving in adults. We are proud of you!


Congratulations Edith! Senior, Edith Wang, successfully defended her Honors Thesis projects this Spring. Within the Marcus Autism Center, Edith conducted her study on Social Visual Engagement (eye tracking) in autistic kids in relation to classroom settings. We are proud of you!

Our current graduate, Nikita Agarwal, traveled to India last summer to collect data for her study on the development of rules and norms in childhood. She is now working on the second part of her study. Click below to learn more about her research.

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