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A Netflix Docuseries

Now Steaming on Netflix

This docuseries explores a decade of groundbreaking science that reveals the emotional and astounding story of a baby’s first year of life. Catch Dr. Rochat freaturing his expertise in many facets of development, in Part 2, Episode 5: Nature and Nurture.

Through the Wormhole – When Does Life Begin?

“To be alive is to feel the world”


In an episode of “Through the Wormhole”, hosted by Morgan Freeman, Dr. Philippe Rochat discusses his research on the development of the concern for how the world perceives us; in other words, consciousness. Watch this episode to learn about his research which indicates that only when this concern develops are we fully human and psychologically alive.

Sara Valencia Botto – TEDx Atlanta

When do kids start to care about people’s opinions?

The Evaluative Perception of an Audience: When and How?

Sara Valencia Botto’s investigation of evaluative audience perception (EAP) began with the fact that, unlike many other species, humans are prone to tailor their behavior to garner approval from others. Sara was recently invited to give a talk at TEDx Atlanta regarding her research on EAP, which begins to detail how and when we begin to be sensitive to the fact that we are perceived and evaluated by others. In this talk, Sara describes the findings of her studies, their implications, as well as future directions.

The Dalai Lama and Dr. Philippe Rochat

Are we Born Good or Torn Between Good and Evil?

Naturally Good or Naturally Torn? From Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives

During a 2013 Visit of His Holiness, the XIV Dalai Lama, Dr. Rochat asks an age-old question scientists and philosophers have tried to answer: “Are we born good and well-motivated, or are we, by nature, fundamentally torn between good and evil? You can watch the two very different takes on the answer to this question from His Holiness and Dr. Rochat in this video.

Article Features

A Feature in the NY Times!
The work of our doctoral student, Sara Valencia Botto, and our lab director, Dr. Philippe Rochat, was referenced in a recent New York Times Parenting Newsletter! Follow this link and check out the reference and Sara’s interview under the article’s subheading, “Foster a healthy self-image.” Click here for Sara and Dr. Rochat’s research article of the referenced study.

An Article Written for The Conversation
Recent Ph.D. graduate, Shensheng Wang, wrote an article regarding the unique emotion, Schadenfreude. This article was originally published on the online academic and news medium, The Conversation. Follow this link to check out the full article.

Emory Magazine Articles & Features

Schadenfreude | Winter 2018
In the 2019 Winter Edition of Emory Magazine, the complex emotion of Schadenfreude is explained by our director, Dr. Rochat, Dr. Lilienfeld, and Dr. Shensheng Wang, the lab’s most recent Ph.D. Graduate. Click here to learn about the sense of pleasure derived from the misfortune of others, and five essential things to know about it!

Judgment Days | September 2018
Click this link to learn more about the work of our Ph.D. student, Sara Valencia Botto. This September 2018 Emory Magazine article details Sara’s inquiry into how we develop to care about the way others perceive us, and features the input of Dr. Philippe Rochat.

Podcast Interviews