About TADA

Our Purpose

A NIDA funded pre-doctoral program, Training in Advanced Data Analytics and Computational Sciences to End Drug-Related Harms (TADA) will prepare a diverse cadre of 21st century social and behavioral scientists (SBS) to develop transformative approaches to end the crisis of substance use disorders (SUDs) by applying advanced data science methods to analyze big data (e.g., geospatial data, sociometric network data).

TADA will prepare trainees to ethically, critically, and seamlessly integrate advanced data science methods into the SBS research lifecycle for SUD.

Who is eligible for a TADA fellowship?

Emory students who:

  • Are enrolled in doctoral programs in BSHES, HPM, Clinical Psychology, or Sociology-Health.
  • Are committed to a research career applying advanced data analysis methods to study and intervene in SUD-related harms.
  • Have already passed their comprehensive exams.
  • Are in-residence during the first year of fellowship and are an American Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States.

What types of support are provided to students accepted into the TADA program?

  • For two years, students receive an annual stipend, tuition and fees, and travel support to attend the annual T32 cross-site grantee meetings.

What are the program requirements?

  • TADA offers a diverse assortment of required training opportunities, including mentorships, to workshops, grants and more.
  • View complete program details here >

What is the application process?

How are TADA fellowships funded?

  • TADA is funded by a training grant (T32DA0505552; PI: Cooper and Waller) from the National Institute on Drug Abuse for developing the careers of promising junior researchers.
  • TADA is also funded by Spark @ Emory, the Rollins Program in Substance Use Disorders.

TADA Certificate Program

  • We are creating a TADA certificate program for all interested Emory PhD students who are developing research careers seeking to end SUD-related harms by applying advanced data analysis methods.
  • Certificate students will be required to participate in most TADA training activities.
  • Please contact Marielysse Cortés at mcortes [at] emory [dot] edu to learn more.