TADA Faculty Mentors

Below is a comprehensive list of possible mentors across Emory University that students can select from during the TADA program:

Download excel list of faculty mentors here:

Interested in becoming a TADA Faculty Mentor?

Eligible Mentors must be:
  • Emory faculty mentors who have agreed to mentor TADA trainees, and who have active research portfolios in either: (1) SUD research and interventions; or (2) applying advanced data science methods.
  • TADA mentors should have substantive experience in the trainee’s area of interest and have some experience with big data. The goal is to keep the big data perspective in the trainee’s research to help them understand how this fits into their work and expand the types of data they are analyzing. 
Eligible Mentors must be willing to the TADA-Certified, which requires the following:  
  • Participation in >1 of Emory’s Inclusive Pedagogy workshops, offered by Emory’s Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (within the past 3 years of the first semester of mentoring). 
  • Participation in TADA’s mentor training program, led by Dr. Dawn Comeau (offered early Spring semester). 
Matching Mentors with Funded Trainees:
  • TADA Directors will match all funded trainees with 2 TADA-certified mentors after they have passed their comprehensive exams. 
  • One mentor will focus on SUD research and interventions 
  • The other mentor will focus primarily on advanced data science methods.
  • Link to roster of TADA Mentors: https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/rollinssudprogram/tada-program/tada-faculty/ 
  • The trainee may reach out to potential mentors or ask for TADA directors to connect them.  
  • Once selected, mentors will meet with the student and the TADA Directors to get an overview of their role and the trainee’s research interest. 
  • TADA Directors will reach out to the trainee’s Dissertation Chair to connect them with at least one TADA mentor. Ideally, at least one TADA mentor will join the student’s dissertation committee.
Matching Mentors with Certificate Students:
  • Emory Affiliated Faculty (defined as faculty who will serve as co-mentors to trainees as well as instructors for courses trainees may enroll in to enhance training in their chosen methodological track). 

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email Marielysse Cortés.