Sept 24-26. Ciphers of Sacredness and Architecture

This week the readings by González, Bier, and Koliji as well as the class discussions revolved around our attempt to understand the corresponding ways in which abstraction, movement, geometry, mathematics, and philosophy work in composing metaphors of space and place. On Tuesday we developed working definitions of the concepts of abstraction, kinetics, and geometry as […]

Sept 17-19. Flesh, Bodies, Migrant Sacred Spaces

This week we are working on trying to understand the correspondences between flesh, bodies, and migration, and how they contribute to the composition and interpretation of sacred spaces.  To to that, we are going to expand the discussion we began last week regarding place and the study of religions, as well as the usefulness, or […]

Sept. 10-12. Place and the Study of Religions

In the assigned readings for this week, Mary MacDonald and Loida Martell present two different, yet related arguments to tease out the role that place play in the constitution of a sacred space. Based on these two readings, you were asked to: 1. Reflect upon the two readings assigned for this week (MacDonald’s and Martell’s), […]

Sept 5. Sacredness and Architecture

On this first week we read in the “Introduction” (pages 8-11) to the Metropolitan’s guide to Islamic arts how geometry, distances, and calculations in space and designs contribute to the branding of a type of architecture.  To understand and read competently the ways in which sacredness and architecture correspond with each other, we read Lang’s […]