MATLAB Spinal Motor Output Detector

SpinalMOD (Spinal Motor Output Detector) is a MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the analysis of locomotor-like activity. It is a simple yet rather comprehensive single-screen GUI designed to be simple so that it can be operated easily by users who are not familiar with programming languages. SpinalMOD can open data from the following file formats, .abf, .xls, .xlsx, and .mat (see Opening the data). Up to four channels of data can be imported and compared at one time. The raw data is rectified and processed through a low-pass Chebyshev or Butterworth filter. The burst threshold is calculated, and a series of IF-THEN logic statements evaluate whether specific criteria are met. SpinalMOD determines the beginning and end of the bursts being analyzed and calculates bursts statistics, such as period, burst duration, and phase.

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