This list includes published constructs that were made by Dr. Shepherd and his lab that we can send out:

Zebrafish Probes

  • zp1 GDNF (ORF in pBKS-)
  • zp2 GFRalpha1a (ORF in PCRII)
  • zp3 GFRalpha1b (ORF in PCRII)
  • zp4 GFRalpha2 (ORF in PCRII)

Zebrafish Expression constructs

  • ze1 GDNF (ORF+ GFP in 3′ UTR in pCS2+)
  • ze2 GFRalpha1a (ORF in pCS2+)
  • ze3 GFRalpha1b (ORF in pCS2+)
  • ze4 GFRalpha2 (ORF in pCS2+)
  • ze5 Muscle actin::Truncted ret-GFP

Microarray Data