Gothic, Bromance, and Other Spanish Renaissances (7-9 November)

This week we discussed the web of Gothic, Gothic Cinema, Goth, Bromance, demons, ghosts, and other figures returned to life.  Today, we performed the comparative exercise in which we read together a point / scene / character / theme from Alex de la Iglesia’s Día de la bestia / Day of the Beast and poetry by Rafael Alberti, León Felipe, José Hierro, Pedro Salinas, Gabriel Celaya, Luis Cernuda, Blas de Otero, and Jaime Gil de Biedma.

As I said in class today, the exercise was quite moving for me, for you all brought up imagery, sentences, words, rhyme and rhythm that mobilized some of the most lyrical parts of what otherwise can be quite a dreary film.  Thank you.  Hence, I am not going to require that you post a blog this week; this and OPTIONAL blog.  You do NOT have to post unless you feel like commenting further what we discussed in class today.

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