Repressive cycle of aid

I don’t completely agree with this statement but someone once told me “Why is is that we refer to acts of good as humane when in the past most of what humans have done has been just the opposite.”

Upon reading the article “Where ethics and politics meet” thisĀ  quote came to mind. I understand the need for humanitarian efforts but the rules and regulations upon deciding who needs/gets and how much continue this repressive cycle. Everyone has the right to migrate but it seems as though not everyone has the privilege to stay in their new locations.

While reading the article all I could think about was the idea that its never enough to simply seek a better life as a migrant. Political systems do their best to admit people who can play on their dire positions and exclude those who aren’t or aren’t convincing enough. I can’t even fathom anyone wanting to contract HIV/AIDS in any other situation, however I was shocked and saddened to read in this article how many people seek illness in order to be granted refuge. In my opinion this all goes back to colonial structures and the idea of white savior. Countries and people of power only grant asylum for people who would otherwise would suffer and die without them. In this case it becomes less about the people who need help but more about the politics of the system of these countries. They do it because they are guilty (as read in the other article) or they do it to exert superiority on those who are vulnerable.