Unknowingly Stagnant

These readings are heartbreaking because they reveal what seems to be colossal effort made by developed nations to reject migrants from their shores and pawn them off to countries who cannot support their needs. In today’s time, we often look for the USA to lead the way in human rights and to provide an example for other nations on how to behave/move forward – yet, as revealed by The Caribbean Roots of European Maritime Interdiction by Jeffrey Kahn, the USA was the first to begin this trend of rejection. In this way, the USA has concealed their deceit of their treatment in human rights and put on a pure face to the rest of the world.

This scenario reminds me of the time that the UN knew about the Rwandan Genocide as it was taking place (there is proof documenting their knowledge), yet they did not act. Years later, President Clinton came forward and “apologized” for not helping relieve the situation. However, this by no means was an apology, but rather a calculated justification for their lack of action, and in no way if they could have re-winded time, would the UN/USA helped stop the Rwandan Genocide.

I believe nations, such as the USA, often put a supportive face forward in order to keep up appearances, however, real change is not taking place. Thus, people caught as migrants cannot find homes to raise their families in or find communities in which they are not facing war. The scariest part to me is that there is an appearance of change taking place, yet there is limited motion behind the scenes, and we are becoming unknowingly stagnant in helping what has been labeled as the migrant “crisis”.