Yujin Kim


In order to make a successful and impactful presentation or essay, considering the viewers’ perspective is a huge, critical aspect in creating a strong project. When making a project with a message or a purpose in mind to get to the viewers, the obstacles that many authors/ creators have to overcome are convincing their viewers to agree and having the least objections to their statements. If viewers feel offended while reflecting on your project, that means that the presentation of your project did not consider the prospective of the viewers. When I first wrote my proposal and looked back at my work to see if I could get across my objective of this project to a viewer, I realized that I did not present the sensitive information/topic well, in which my whole project itself can bring about many objections and arguments in the subject.

Chicagoans neglected the severe problem of racial segregation to an extent that such discrimination and distinct difference in culture and people is a social norm (Bogira) in the past fifty years. Although harsh violence and aggregation towards people have subsided, the Chicago population is still separated into two societies—one white and one black—with unequal opportunities that remained since the 1950s. As the white community resided in the north and southwest of Chicago and the black community resided heavily in the south, the two areas have had huge contrasts in housing conditions, schooling, and financial tensions.” – (Statement of Purpose of Proposal)

In this text, I only thought myself as an author when starting the plan of this exhibit. I limited my perspective of my writings and presentation to solely state my purpose and the message to the reader. However, as I got into the mix of the little details to convince the reader/ follow the objective of this project to a bigger picture, I realized that the audience’s point of view in approaching this exhibit was a huge factor in its success in the delivery of the message. The audience have to be convinced with my sensitive topic that I touched on by making my stance stronger in its position with evidence and idea development. Through my Curated Exhibition and Narrative Essay, I was able to demonstrate my stance as an author with the understanding of the viewers’ position in the writing. I was very cautious in the contradictions that could arise from the sensitive topic that I approached, and with the mind as a viewer, I was able to restructure the presentation of my ideas in a way to prevent those ideas and reactions to occur. Therefore, I learned to view my own work in the shoes of a reader and make sure that tensions do not arise when I read the project.

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