Zariah Embry

The Style in “Analysis” and the Rhythm in “Idea Development”


When first presented with the idea of a portfolio, I was ready to tell my story; my style and rhythm were areas of improvement for the semester. Unfortunately, I soon learned that I had to pick from a list of 12 key terms. Stuck, I was not sure how to spin my story in this new direction. Mulling over the list I could not find any terms that represented my story of improvement. I began looking back at writing assignments from September to find any representation of the key terms. With every piece I read, style and rhythm remained on the forefront of my mind.

It seemed that style and rhythm would never go away; I eventually realized that this was not such a bad thing.  Analysis is achieved most effectively with one’s style. Idea development requires rhythm so that the parts come together cohesively. Finally, I found my two key terms of improvement without sacrifices my original plan for this portfolio. There lies the purpose of this portfolio, analyzing my writing improvements over the course of this semester. The content will include comparisons between writing assignments and comparisons of the drafts of a single writing assignment.  Using those artifacts will display the full spectrum of growth.