Yujin Kim


My name is Yujin Kim, and I am a First Year student at Emory University. Through this course, ENG 101: The Personal is Public: Writing with Archives and the Arts, I have developed new skills in writing, in which I have not learned in high school. Although I came from a prestigious high school in Texas with a great education system, I learned so much in this course that demonstrated the presentation aspect in essays. In most high school English classes, they teach students the foundation and general structures of essays. Introduction, body, conclusion. These are the components that are considered “good” essays in a high school class. However, through this Emory English 101 course, I learned many techniques that incorporated various mediums and mixtures of archives and the arts to create compelling pieces of writing.

By the end of this course, I learned how to make successful writings by honing on one major aspect that completes the presentation of persuasive essays: delivery of author’s message across to the audience. Although this may be a simple technique that can be explicitly incorporated into an essay, there are many factors/ methods that are involved to fully persuade and deliver a message to the readers. From improving specific writing techniques such as known-new chain, organization of ideas and idea development, and audience and other resources like transitions, the use of primary and secondary sources, visual logic, and analysis to strengthen the author’s stance to ultimately carry the message to the audience. Although I will be centralizing main improvements of writing with known-new chain, audience, and idea development and organization of ideas for my portfolio, all of these and other factors mentioned above contributed to each themes to result in my final products of the Curated Exhibit and Narrative essay. I would like to make my featured artifacts the Curated Exhibit and the Narrative essay because both pieces of work displayed methods of visual presentation and writing presentation, respectively, demonstrating the improvements I made through different way of writings. The improvement of each technique naturally led to fix other technical skills in writing, contributing to the success of my featured artifacts. Therefore, I will lead you through my page, my portfolio, to see the progress that I have made through my works to get to the final products of the semester.