We are an interdisciplinary group focused on understanding signaling pathways that allow bacteria to sense and respond to their environment. We use tools from chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology to develop a molecular level understanding of the proteins and small molecules involved in these systems, as well as their role(s) in bacterial growth and virulence.


Lab News:
  • Congratulations to Yasha and Ben on the publication of their perspective in ACS Infectious Diseases!
  • Shannon and Paul’s paper is published in Inorganic Chemistry!
  • Congratulations to Ben on successfully defending his PhD and starting his postdoc in Berkeley!
  • Ben and Shannon are awarded Quayle Student Achievement Awards! 
  • Congratulations to Dayna on being awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!
  • Congratulations to Paul on being awarded Highest Honors for his undergraduate thesis!
  • Congratulations to Ben on the publication of his paper in The Biochemical Journal!
  • Laura and Paul are chosen to give presentations at the undergrad symposium at ACS NOLA!
  • The group’s work on O2 sensing by globin coupled sensors is highlighted in Research Features!