Emily Weinert graduated from Duke University in 2002 with a B.Sc. in Chemistry after working with Professor John Simon. She then joined Professor Steve Rokita’s group at the University of Maryland for her Ph.D. At the end of 2006, Emily began her postdoctoral work in Professor Michael Marletta’s laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. She joined the faculty of Emory University in 2011.


Graduate Students      Postdoctoral Scholars Undergraduate Students
Shannon Rivera Johnnie Walker Laura Briggs
Dayna Patterson  Deanna Dailey
Yasha Duggal Adam Young
Hyerin Yoon
  Carmen Metzler

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Winter 2019. Although it seemed more like spring in February. L-R, back-front: Hugh, Shannon, Emily, Dayna, Johnnie, Deanna, Yasha, Hyerin.












Halloween 2017 – everyone (except Thistle) dressed up in Emily’s uniform. L->R: Johnnie, Paul,  Dayna, Emily, Shannon and Thistle, Jessica, Ben, Yasha 


Lunch to celebrate Dayna’s NSF GRFP. L->R: Dayna, Ben, Yasha, Shannon, Paul, Emily

Paul’s Honors Ceremony.