Where did resources such as DynaMed and AccessMedicine go?

Welcome to the new library website! Many users are still becoming acclimated to the new structure and layout.  In the library’s previous website, the Clinical Community was where resources like DynaMed, AccessMedicine, AccessEmergency Medicine, etc., resided.  On the library’s new site, these resources have been reorganized under Biomedical Resources.

Under Biomedical Resources, there is a Clinical Resources section: http://health.library.emory.edu/biomedical-resources/clinical/index.html Listed under the Point of Care section, users will find resources like DynaMed, AccessMedicine, and others which were previously under the Clinical Community.  The search box in the top right corner of the library’s homepage allows users to search the library’s entire site.  Please take a few minutes to explore the new site;  you may be surprised at what you discover.

For assistance using a particular resources, please contact Ask-A-Librarian.