Will your thesis or dissertation raise copyright issues?

Sign up for one of two upcoming workshops sponsored by the Scholarly Communications Office. Sessions are being held at the WHSC Library on January 29th and February 27th.

Sessions will address common issues such as:

  • Everyone quotes the work of other scholars in their dissertation. As long as the quotes are acknowledged, does this ever raise copyright issues?
  • I found a photo online on a public website. Can I include it in my dissertation since everything’s free on the internet?
  • Should I pay to register copyright for my dissertation?
  • I have this great film clip from the 1940s with images and music that I’d like to include with my dissertation. Are there different copyright rules for different audio-visual formats?
  • Chapter 1 of my dissertation has been published in a journal. Is this a problem?


If you have additional questions regarding writing and publishing, please visit the Writing and Publishing pages on our website or contact Ask-A-Librarian.