Rigor and Reproducibility Seminar Series, Feb 3 at 2pm: Why is it so hard to do good science?

WHSC Library Seminar Series on Rigor and Reproducibility presents: Why is it so hard to do good science?

Societal approaches to improving the rigor and reproducibility of preclinical biomedical science have largely been technical in nature with a renewed focus on the role of statistics in good experimental designs. By contrast, the importance of preconceived notions introduced by our very human nature has been underappreciated for their influence on scientific judgments. The challenges of inherent bias and some approaches to overcoming human nature will be presented.

Date/Time: Thursday, February 3rd at 2:00pm

Register: https://emorylibraries.libcal.com/event/8802988

An overview of previous seminars and recordings can be found at https://guides.libraries.emory.edu/rigor-rep.