NEJM Evidence now available through Emory Libraries

The library now provides access to NEJM Evidence, a monthly digital journal from New England Journal of Medicine Group, that presents original research in clinical trial design and clinical decision-making. NEJM Evidence focuses on providing context and critical evaluation of the methods and results supporting clinical decision-making. Access is open to all Emory University faculty, staff, and students. Use your University credentials (not healthcare login) to gain access.

Launched in 2022, NEJM Evidence publishes original research, clinical trials, systematic reviews, case studies, reviews of clinical trial methodology, a Curbside consult series that addresses common patient care issues, and a Morning Report series.

Unique content and features include:

  • Tomorrow’s Trial, a series that highlights accepted practices lacking solid evidence and inviting readers to propose clinical trials to fill those gaps.
  • Patient Platform, in which patients who have been in a clinical trial 0r research study, or had their care impacted by these, share their thoughts on their experience.
  • Stats, STAT!, a brief animated video explaining a statistical concept based on a statistical review.

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