Welcome Emory School of Nursing Students!

The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing BSN Class of 2016 is comprised of approximately 145 students who will be arriving for orientation on Wednesday, Aug. 20th.

  • 43 are continuing students from Emory or Oxford College
  • Students represent 25 states
  • 55% of students are from underrepresented minorities
  • 7% of undergraduates are male
  • Average age of BSN students is 25.

In addition, 88 graduate nursing students are expected to arrive on Saturday, Aug. 23.

  •  80 MSN students will be entering directly from Emory nursing BSN programs
  • Graduate students represent 13 states
  • 26% are from underrepresented minorities
  • 14% are males
  • Average age is 31

Together, the undergraduate and graduate programs at the School of Nursing include students from: Kenya, Jamaica, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, South Korea,  Bangladesh, Liberia, Rwanda and Uganda.

The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library welcomes these new and returning students.