CDC launches new eLearning course on Effective Communication for Healthcare Teams

The CDC is excited to announce the launch of its newest online free continuing education course: Effective Communication for Healthcare Teams: Addressing Health Literacy, Limited English Proficiency and Cultural Differences.

For nurses it provides 2.1 CNE and for physicians 2.25. Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES®) and/or Master Certified Health Education Specialists (MCHES®) and Certified in Public Health (CPH) can also obtain some credit. The lessons and practice activities in this course help healthcare professionals assess their patients’ health  literacy and language needs and practice culturally competent care. Registration is required, and health care professionals and non-medical staff can register.

Here are the course objectives.

  1. Identify at least three factors that influence a patient’s health literacy
  2. Describe at least one example of how health literacy, cultural competence and limited English proficiency each affect health communication
  3. Identify at least one tool or resource to assess a patient’s health literacy level and language assistance needs
  4. Describe at least one method of communication that will improve understanding in patients with limited health literacy
  5. Identify at least one factor that influences communication Continuing Education Information

View more details or register for the course by setting up a CDC TRAIN profile at