Next Generation of DynaMed is Available Aug. 21st

On August 21, DynaMed will update to its next generation version which combines high quality evidence-based information with a user-friendly interface. 

The new version of DynaMed uses modern web technologies to provide a more familiar and intuitive search environment. In addition, DynaMed is now organized to highlight evidence synopses and key takeaways while still providing links to the original studies. For seamless and secure access to DynaMed please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Edge.

You can learn more about the next generation of DynaMed by viewing their Sneak Peek video on their homepage here:

If you have problems accessing DynaMed with an updated browser, please clear your cache and browsing history. If you continue to have connectivity issues,  please contact our Ask a Librarian service at health [dot] library [at] emory [dot] libanswers [dot] com.