Current Projects

Cardiometabolic Disease

A Multi-Ancestry Study of Gene-Lifestyle Interactions and Multi-Omics in Cardiometabolic Traits (PI- Dr. Dabeeru Rao)

Genetic Architecture of Cardiac Structure and Function and Its Impact on Heart Failure (PI- Dr. Bing Yu)

Precision Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction in South Asia (P-CARRS)- The CARRS Cohort is a state-of-the-art, population-based cohort of South Asians to address existing and emerging questions related to cardio-metabolic disease.

Million Veteran Program

VA’s Million Veteran Program (MVP) is a national research program looking at how genes, lifestyle, military experiences, and exposures affect health and wellness in Veterans.

Since launching in 2011, more than 930,000 Veterans have joined MVP. It’s the largest research effort at VA to improve health care for Veterans and one of the largest research programs in the world studying genes and health

Diabetic Complications and Genetic Variants in the Million Veterans Program (PI- Dr. Lawrence Phillips)

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction, and Genetics in the Million Veteran Program (PI-Dr. Peter Wilson)

Infectious Disease

Characterization of Genomics and Metabolomics among Individuals Highly-Exposed, but resistant to Mtb Infection (PI- Dr. Neel Gandhi)

Epigenetic Study of Resistance to Infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (PI- Dr. Yan Sun)

Multi-omic Predictors of Renal Function among HIV-infected Individuals of African Ancestry (PI- Dr. Yan Sun)

Host Genetic and Epigenetic Factors of the Progression, Comorbidities and Outcomes of Viral Infection (PI- Dr. Vincent Marconi)

Effects of 12-weeks of High-intensity Resistance Aerobic Circuit Exercise Training on Epigenetic Aging and Inflammation in Older HIV-infected Veterans (PI- Dr. Kriss Ann Oursler)