PhD Students

Chang Liu, MMed, MPH

Chang Liu is a PhD candidate in Epidemiology at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Medicine from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, and her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology from Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. Her current research interests center around cardiovascular epidemiology, human genome epidemiology, metabolomics, and biomarkers, with the goal of understanding disease mechanisms, improving disease prediction, and prevention.

Junyu Chen, MPH

Junyu is currently an Epidemiology PhD student training on genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics at Emory University. He received his MPH in Epidemiology from Emory University, where he was trained in applied research to understand the genetic contributions to HIV-related chronic diseases. He then worked in The Center for Computational and Quantitative Genetics at Emory University, where he turned his attention towards the methodological component of gene mapping studies. His current research interests include applying multi-omics approach to study genetic susceptibility of chronic diseases, such as kidney and liver diseases, as well as developing epidemiology and statistical method for such research.” For more information on Junyu, please see his student website page and google scholar.

Matheus Fernandes Gyorfy, MPH

Matheus is a Brazilian-born second-year MPH candidate and a prospective Epidemiology PhD student at Emory University. He completed his undergraduate studies at Colorado State University where he double-majored in Biological Sciences and Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. As an MPH candidate, Matheus has been invested in studying the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms behind disease burden and resistance. His thesis work aims to discover genetic variants associated with resistance to tuberculosis infection in multi-ethnic populations, specifically in a Brazilian cohort. He is also researching the role of epigenetics in the relationship between hyperglycemia and tuberculosis infection. In addition to his lab experience, Matheus is also a Graduate Research Assistant at the Emory Centers for Public Health Training and Technical Assistance where he has served as an evaluator for projects like the Self-Made Health Network, targeting tobacco cessation in low-socioeconomic status populations, and for the North Georgia Advanced Practice Program, helping to train new family nurse practitioners transitioning into practice.

Dr. Jeffery Osei, MD, MPH

Jeffery Osei is a second-year MPH (epidemiology) student, also pursuing a certificate in Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology (GME). Before coming to Emory for my MPH, he earned his M.D. and worked as a general practitioner in Ghana. Currently, Jeffery currently works as a clinical research coordinator and a research assistant at Emory University Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of Genomics and Precision Public Health, respectively. Jeffery is interested in clinical and translational research on cardiovascular disease and precision public health. In particular, the use of genetic epidemiologic methods and mobile health technologies, to identify novel biomarkers, understand risk factors and biological mechanisms underlying CVD, and develop therapeutic and preventive strategies.