Importance and Prevalence of Midwives: Raising awareness

                Before taking this class, I was not aware of the extent to which midwives and traditional birth attendants  were involved in the healthcare sector. I wasn’t even aware of their role. I have interacted with them in hospitals and clinics but I was sure they did more than check blood pressure or height and weight and assist the doctor with a few things. I was also not aware that birthing centers existed and people could go there to have their children. I did a little research and I found that there are so many roles that midwives birthing attendants, doulas etcetera can play in lieu of a doctor and it is important for these options to remain available. Midwives are also prevalent in countries that have the best “maternal and infant outcomes” (Midwives Alliance of North America). I thought I was the only one who had no clue how involved midwives were.  While having a conversation with some friends about this class, I asked them their take on midwives and midwifery. A lot of them also were not aware the extent to which midwives were utilized. one of them brought up the fact that midwives provide a more personal care. In some of my other classes we have discussed bedside manner and how this plays a significant role in the outcome of the patient. Doctors see a lot of patients each day and as a result do not always have the ability to empathize with their patients. Patience, compassion and understanding are important, especially for pregnant women. I think it is important to continue to promote the training and the  use of midwives, TBAs and other specialists. It is also important to promote the other birthing options. There are probably several other people who are unaware.


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