Reproductive Education in Iran

One of the things I found most interesting from our RAMs reading about health politics in Iran was the distribution of the reproductive health educational textbooks by the Family Planning Association of the IRI.  These books were aimed at those of reproductive age, meaning girls aged 10-19 and boys aged 15-19 according to Iranian law.  I found this to be particularly interesting given the recent and continuous discussion about sex education in the United States. When to start educating children about sex and reproductive health is a controversial topic in the U.S. How young is too young? In Iran they faced a similar problem. While they were open about reproductive education and were willing to teach children, the definition of what constituted a child left out young girls and boys who were partaking in sexual activities. Although the legal age of marriage for girls was 9 years and 14 years for boys, there was a large population of children marrying much younger; many marriages were only documented if the children were 16 and older. It was not stated if these educational textbooks were distributed to only this age range or to all children in the areas they were given out in. However, if children are marrying before the legal age of marriage, then they will also need education material geared towards them. The Iranian government worked to increase reproductive knowledge to those deemed the appropriate age, but what about those who may be sexually active within and outside of wedlock that are not in the target age ranges?


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