Country perspectives on Chlorhexidine program

Hey class, I wanted to add on to my presentation by giving you a little insight about what countries like Nepal, Nigeria, and Madagascar feel about the chlorhexidine program to combat neonatal infections.  This intervention is simple, cheap, and growing in accessibility in developing countries with high neonatal death rates.  Below are a couple of links to videos that help illustrate this.  The first link is a video about Nigerian health workers who travel to Nepal to learn about the chlorhexidine program, its utilization, and ways in which to implement community health workers to spearhead the program.  The second link is a panel of government and community health workers from Nepal, Nigeria, and the United States who talk about product feasibility and effectiveness, ways to promote political support (which we know from our class is highly beneficial for greater recognition of a health issue), and new methods to facilitate cultural compliance to the product.

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