Gebusi recovery from drought

I’m pleased to report, now returned from two months back in the field this past summer, that Gebusi have survived and recovered remarkably well from the catastrophic drought that impacted them earlier this year and in 2015. Below is a photo of Sayu holding the shell of a large turtle he caught at the bottom of a large river at the height of the drought.  (The hard part of the shell shown is only about 60% of its original size, which was filled out by cartilage that doesn’t last.)  Sayu and his friends caught seven of these huge turtles — and managed to transport them by boat all the way back to Gasumi Corners, so the entire village could eat their massive protein in a big feast at the height of the drought.  This reflects Gebusi ingenuity in adapting to environmental stress — and their commitment to help each other as a collective community.  Viva Gebusi! 

[Posted 9/8/16]


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