Congrats on the New Job Qinqin!

Qinqin has accepted a position as an Associate Professor in the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering at he Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and will leave the group at the end of the month. Congrats Qinqin – you’ve taught us so much about materials science, and its been a pleasure working with you. We will miss you!

Summer summer summertime…

Amaan and Taylor each submitted their first manuscript this week (check out our publication page for a sneak peak at the graphical abstracts), and Robert’s allylic substitution mechanism manuscript is on its way… Congrats team on making the most of summer summer summertime!

Welcome to the group Chris

After a semester of intense rotations, we’re excited that Chris Poff has decided to join the BlakeyLab – inventing reactions and revolutionizing synthetic strategy! Chris is focusing his research on designing new catalysts for stereoselective C-H fucntionalization

Opening up a new line of research

Jacob’s manuscript describing oxidative allylic C-H amination of disubstituted olefins is on line at Angew. Chem. ( We’re excited about all the possibilities in this area… watch this space for the next installments.

Congrats on your first paper Jacob – great way to start!

Qinqin’s papers are online!

Qinqin’s paper on the synthesis and C-H functionalization of new PDI-thiazole building blocks is online at JOC (, and her collaborative work using our C-I iodination chemistry to contribute to the synthesis and understanding of new intermediate sized donor molecules for organic solar cells is online at Chemistry of Materials (

Congrats on some great work Qinqin!