Our Research

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Our Team is committed to probing fundamental questions of chemical reactivity, catalysis and synthetic strategy, focusing on problems with the potential for broad societal impact.

Our expertise is in the invention of new reactions, and the development of new catalysts for organic synthesis, with a focus on broadly applicable reaction platforms that revolutionize synthetic strategy. A major current focus is on the development of group IX metal catalysts for selective C-H functionalization. Check out our publications page for the latest developments as we open up this new area of research in the group.

Although our research is fundamental in nature, we are keenly aware of the opportunities for translational research arising from our discoveries. Molecules originating from our “basic science” are now being investigated for drug-like properties and our studies on plant alkaloids from Madagascar provide information pertinent to the treatment of drug-resistant malaria. As we develop a deeper understanding of the interaction between these molecules and the malaria parasites, we have recognized the potential to also impact cancer chemotherapy. This project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF CHE 1362502)

Our involvement as members of the Center for Stereoselective C-H Functionalization (with collaborators both here at Emory, as well as Georgia Tech, The University of Washington, The University of Utah and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) has provided a platform for us to develop synthetic strategies for drug development as well as organic materials with potential utility in solar energy conversion and touch screen display technology.