Group Alumni

Doctoral Students

Eric Andreansky, Ph.D. May 2017

Patent Agent at Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies

2011-16 Woodruff Fellow

Nina Weldy, Ph.D. August 2015

Kennesaw State University – Assistant Professor

2010-15 Woodruff Fellow

2013 Osborne R. Quayle Award for Excellence in Research

Jennifer Bon, Ph.D. November 2014

Georgia Perimeter College – Science Lab Director

Aidi Kong, Ph. D. August 2014

Church & Dwight – Scientist

2013 Osborne R. Quayle Award for Excellence in Research

Clay Owens, Ph.D. January 2014

Senior Scientist; Solvay, Marietta, GA

2013 Osbourne R. Quayle Award for Excellence in Research

Danny Mancheno, Ph.D. October 2013

Senior Scientist, GSK.

2008 Emerson Fellowship

2011 ARCS Foundation Scholar Award

Veronique Martin, Ph.D. November 2010

Researcher/Consulting Engineer, Actolis, Bobigny, France

Aaron Thornton, Ph.D. October 2010

Global Marketing Manager, Biorenewable Catalysis, BASF

2008 ARCS Foundation Scholar Award

2009 ARCS Global Health Impact Award

Ricardo Delgado, Ph.D. August 2010

Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Concord Hospital, Lawrence, MA

2009 Osbourne R Quayle Award for Excellence in Research

Erika Milczek, Ph.D. August 2010 (research with both Blakey and Edmonson)

Research Scientist, Merck

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Qinqin Shi (2014-2018)

Associate Professor, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Robert Harris (HHMI Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-18)

Assistant Professor, College of Wooster, Ohio

Karthik Jaganathan (2015-17)

Santhosh Podiyanachari (joint appointment with MacBeth group, 2015-17)

Research Fellow, Bas DeBruin Lab, University of Amsterdam

Andrew Schafer (2014-2016)

Boulder Scientific, Colorado

Nadege Boudet (2008-09)

BASF, Germany

Armin Stoll (2008-09)

Chemitell, Germany

Syed Hussaini (2005-06)

Assistant Professor, University of Tulsa

Undergraduate Students

Daniel Salgueiro (B.S. Honors, 2018); Pursuing PhD, University of Wisconsin

Junyi Liu (B.S. Honors, 2016); Pursuing PhD, Princeton University,

Sanesh Mistry (Masters Research, 2016); Pursuing PhD, Cambridge University, U.K.

Jake Schlesinger

Cameron Herting (2015); Pursuing PhD, Emory University

Meredith Sharps (2012); Pursuing PhD, University of Oregon

Holly Yu (Masters research, 2012); Postgraduate degree in Forensic studies, U.K.

Geraint Davies (B.S. Honors, 2012); Pursuing PhD, University of Pennsylvania.

Mathew Birnbaum (B.S. Honors, Blakey Group 2011)

Dylan Holte (2011-12)

Katie Cohen (2009); Pursuing PhD, Washington University, St. Louis

Rebecca Reed (Summer 2009): Pursuing PhD, University of Michigan.

Kara Cutrona (2008)

Stephanie Chen (Summer 2008); M.D.

Gladys Tso (2007)

Mungyuen Li (Summer 2007);  PhD with Ian Paterson, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Greg Hamilton (B.S. Honors, 2006); PhD with Dean Toste, UC Berkeley, Postdoctoral research fellow, UCSF

Masters Students

Marcella Putri (M.S., 2016)