The Boss of Me

The one on the right said “You are not the boss of me.” To her parents. To her teachers. She has to experience something to make a decision. She doesn’t read directions. She has a smart mouth.

I thought of her yesterday when I received instruction on how to pray: “Please be inclusive of other faith traditions when you give the invocation.”

I will celebrate 36 years of ordination around the same time I complete the DMin program. The only instruction I can recall on “how to pray” is “Pray then in this way: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. (Matthew 6.9, NRSV)”

That instructor has authority with me. He is the boss of me. I will heed his counsel. As for the rest, I’ll invoke the spirit of the one on the right.


A lovely day at Kingsway !

Which is the heading that is exceedingly more interesting than this sentence.


We should write our projects in Cape Town !


But don’t swim with the sharks – they could eat you!

a diver and a shark picture

shark week picture