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The Lunacy of Scholar Blogs

Karl Barth smiling and smoking a pipe

Karl Barth

Karl Barth, famous Swiss theologian of the last century, once said famously that the preacher should go into the pulpit with a bible in one hand and a Scholar Blog in the other.

Actually he didn’t. He knew nothing of scholar blogs, which begs the question why you would want them either. To answer this in the affirmative, consider the work of Doug Scharf, newly-minted rector of Good Shepherd, Juniper, Florida. He will be going into the pulpit with a bible in one hand and a scholar blog in the other.

But check his feet. With all this going on, he may be preaching without shoes. With high temperatures and humidity this time of year in Florida, you may not want to linger too long. Instead, you can hear his latest sermon here: Look at Your Feet.

Why nobody goes to my church anymore

TKD Raven Mandolin



Q: What do you call someone who hangs out with bluegrass musicians?

A: Banjo Player

Q: How can you tell if a banjo player has perfect pitch?

A: He can trow it into a dumpster without hitting the rim.

Q: Why did the mass murder at the Banjo convention go unsolved?

A: There were no dental records, all the victims had the same DNA, and nobody was reported missing.