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The Lunacy of Scholar Blogs

Karl Barth smiling and smoking a pipe

Karl Barth

Karl Barth, famous Swiss theologian of the last century, once said famously that the preacher should go into the pulpit with a bible in one hand and a Scholar Blog in the other.

Actually he didn’t. He knew nothing of scholar blogs, which begs the question why you would want them either. To answer this in the affirmative, consider the work of Doug Scharf, newly-minted rector of Good Shepherd, Juniper, Florida. He will be going into the pulpit with a bible in one hand and a scholar blog in the other.

But check his feet. With all this going on, he may be preaching without shoes. With high temperatures and humidity this time of year in Florida, you may not want to linger too long. Instead, you can hear his latest sermon here: Look at Your Feet.

Blogging While Clueless about WordPress

Learning to Keep Coffee Close By So I Don’t Melt Down

This morning on the way to Candler, I was stopped in traffic at least four times by people in front of me driving their cars as if they had never been to the big city before.  I somehow managed to make it through with minimal cursing, but was still about 5 minutes late for class.  Fortunately, the class start was delayed a few minutes, so I didn’t miss anything.



This is a picture of me getting out of my car, taking up the microphone and criticizing the drivers in front of me.  I called people out by name and publicly shamed them for failure to maintain speed, looking at their phones instead of the light when it turns green, and not having a sense of direction on where they were going.  I made grown men cry.




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Mary Day 2016

As twins, Mary and Emma share a birthday.  Each year, we also give each of them a day that’s all their own when we celebrate them individually.  August 15 was “Mary Day,” chosen because it’s also the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Mary loves whales.  We visited Marineland in Niagara Falls, ON, on Friday so that she could see the beluga whales they have there. She had never seen a real live whale before, and she was ecstatic!   NaNa and Emma baked this cake for her, and iced it to look “like a beluga in a tank.”

A picture of Mary Thomason posing with her cake, topped with a whale figurine

Mary Day 2016 Cake


And now for something completely different….