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Ellie Pourbohloul is the Assistant Program Coordinator at the Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture at Emory University. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Comparative Literature from Emory and a Master's degree in Sociocultural Anthropology from UCLA. She has also taught English and cultural studies courses in Turkey through the Fulbright program. Prior to her work at the CMBC, Ellie worked as a clinical research coordinator at the Emory University School of Medicine. Ellie is excited to support the interdisciplinary initiatives of the CMBC.

Laughter: An Example of Human Complexity // Ellie Pourbohloul

Eric Smadja opened his talk on laughter with a joke. As the discussion participants laughed together, Dr. Smadja gestured towards one of them and asked: “You are laughing— but why, and how?” Laugher is an aspect of human behavior that … Continue reading

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Consciousness from an Empirical Stance // Ellie Pourbohloul

February 20, 2017 Joseph Neisser What is consciousness, and what is a good measure of it? Grinnell College philosopher Joseph Neisser sought to approach this issue from a scientific lens in a CMBC lunch discussion. Dr. Neisser traced the history of … Continue reading

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Sociocultural and Psychological Perspectives on Bilingualism // Ellie Pourbohloul

  January 24, 2017 Donald Tuten & Alena Esposito What does “bilingualism” mean as a cognitive process and a sociocultural phenomenon? Last year, Dr. Donald Tuten and Dr. Alena Esposito introduced students to this interdisciplinary topic through a course at … Continue reading

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