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Resolution Accepts President’s Apology

At its final meeting of the year, on April 16, the Faculty Council voted to pass a resolution acknowledging the hurt caused by President James Wagner’s use of the three-fifths compromise clause in his column in the Winter 2013 Emory Magazine, yet also accepting his apology. “While his words were insensitive, they were not malicious […]

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Emory Policy on Email Searches Explained

In light of recent news reports of secret email account searches at Harvard, in April the Council heard a report about Emory’s policies on responding to requests for access to monitor email accounts or other network communications of students or employees. Emory’s Chief Information Security Officer Brad Sanford explained that the IT Conditions of Use […]

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Connecting Faculty and Campus Life

Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair spoke to the Council in April on his division’s increasing efforts to strengthen the connections between academic and campus life. “How do we create a seamless, interdisciplinary learning community?” he began. Nair described a range of new initiatives in Campus Life that aim to bring […]

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Resolution of Emory University Faculty Council, April 16, 2013

We acknowledge the hurt to our community caused by President James Wagner’s use of the three-fifths compromise clause in his column in the Winter, 2013, issue of the Emory Magazine. He has sincerely apologized for this mistake in multiple venues, and he has held many listening sessions to hear concerns from the community. We as […]

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Research Administration Transforming

Associate Vice President for Administration and Chief Business Practice Improvement (BPI) Officer Bill Dracos reported to the council at its March 19 meeting on BPI’s project to transform research administration at Emory, an effort ongoing since Fall 2011. In April, two pilot “Research Administration Shared Service Centers” will launch in public health and several departments […]

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President addresses 3/5ths controversy

At the February 19 Council meeting, Emory President James Wagner read aloud the letter he had received from faculty in history and African American studies, as well as his own written response to it, concerning questions and criticisms about his column in the Winter 2013 issue of Emory Magazine, in which he offered the U.S. […]

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Grassroots Group Tackles Funding

The Emory Sponsor-Investigator Association (ESIA) was founded in 2012 by Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology Jacques Galipeau. Galipeau spoke at the January 15 Faculty Council meeting about his efforts to engage faculty who pursue translational research—that is, science aimed to go “from bench-top to bedside.” “Industry and NIH sponsored clinical trials here at Emory have declined,” […]

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 Online courses and intellectual property

In the January meeting, Alan Cattier, director of academic technology services, described to the Faculty Council new questions about intellectual property ownership taking shape with the quickly developing array of online courses and classroom capture technology. As knowledge and what Cattier termed “micro-lessons,” salient points or material conveyed in class, become increasingly available and distributable through […]

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Travel, Expense, Charge Card Changes

Representatives from Emory’s Business Practice Improvement team presented forthcoming coming adjustments to travel, expense, and charge card policies at the November 20 meeting of the Faculty Council. On February 14, 2013, applications for new VISA corporate cards, as well as changes aimed to make these processes easier and more efficient, will roll out. Bill Dracos, […]

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Around Campus: Workload Policy in Business School

In keeping with the practice of Council members reporting regularly on key issues from individual schools, Jeffrey Busse spoke to the Council about the Goizueta Business School’s newly adopted “Workload Policy” for tenured associate professors. Implemented beginning fall 2013, the policy formalizes the expectation that within ten years of their promotion to associate, tenured business […]

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