168. Dirhodium Tetracarboxylate Derived from Adamantylglycine as a Chiral Catalyst for Carbenoid Reactions

Authors: Ravisekhara P. Reddy , Gene H. Lee , and Huw M. L. Davies

Org. Lett.,

2006, 8 (16), 3437–3440


The dirhodium tetracarboxylate, Rh2(S-PTAD)4, derived from adamantylglycine, is a very effective chiral catalyst for carbenoid reactions. High asymmetric induction was obtained in Rh2(S-PTAD)4-catalyzed intramolecular C−H insertion (94% ee), intermolecular cyclopropanation (99% ee), and intermolecular C−H insertion (92% ee).

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