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A New Year’s resolution to diet? Emory cardiologist helps rank top diets

It’s common for many of us to make a New Year’s resolution about diet and fitness… but how do we know which diet is the right one for us? Emory Heart and Vascular Center cardiologist Laurence Sperling, MD served on a U.S. News & World Report panel evaluating some of the USA’s most popular diets. Learn more about this report at the Emory Health Now blog.


Center for the Study of Human Health Website Launch!

Center for the Study of Human Health

Announcing the launch of the Center for the Study of Human Health website! Visit this link to learn more about the new and exciting activities at the Center!

The Center presents a new approach to the vast subject of health by harnessing the far-reaching resources of the University and our sister institutions. By integrating our knowledge we can discover better and more efficient ways to address the challenges for health education and research.