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Using electronic games to encourage healthy behaviors

“Screen time” activities like playing video games and watching TV have been described as key factors in the rising childhood and adult obesity epidemic.  However, companies like the nonprofit organization Hopelab are using the interest in technology to their advantage to promote healthy behaviors.

Their program Zamzee is designed to get kids moving by letting them log “pointz” that they can redeem for prizes.  Activity is logged electronically via an accelerometer worn by the child and transferred to the computer by USB, where the user can view their progress and activity in relation to other users in a virtual competition.

For more information about a variety of technology-backed approaches to engage kids and adults alike in healthy behaviors, see this story by CNN: http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2012/08/tech/gaming.series/obesity.html?hpt=he_c1.


Apps and Touchscreen Devices Aid Learning for Austic Children

A team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh designed an iPad app called FindMe that is having remarkable success for learning and communication among autistic children.  The app is aimed at non-verbal children age 18 months and older, and encourages the player to focus on other people and their needs which can be difficult for some people with autism.

For more information, read the full story on the BBC website.

Predictions about the future of personalized medicine

A new article from the Wall Street Journal addresses questions about the future of personalized medicine. The article by Dr. David Agus, entitled “A doctor in your pocket: What does the future of medicine hold? Tiny health monitors, tailored therapies  – and the end of illness”, explores the possibilities that await us in the future with advances in portable technologies. Click here to read the full article.