Midterm Time? Arghhh! We’re here to help!

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The Canvas team can field your questions on quizzes, grades, student expectations, and more

So, you gave your first Exam or graded your first midterm paper and questions from your students about grades are coming in! Or maybe you’re about to start a mid-semester assessment process now. Here are some things you might want to do:

We can help with all of that—and a lot more! Depending on what kind of help you need, there are several ways to reach out and get it.

Need quick help when something doesn’t work as expected or need to do something after hours? Chat or call Canvas 24×7 support line dedicated to Emory Faculty.

How? Log in to Canvas and look for the “Help” icon on the far-left menu of the screen. The link to chat or the number to call is near the bottom of the “Help” menu.

Need to meet with one of our Emory staff 1-1 so we can walk you through putting grades in the gradebook, weighting grades, setting up a quiz, using the speed grader, etc?

How? You can use that same “Help” menu and click on 1-1 appointment or just go directly to our appointment scheduler and book a time that works for you with an Emory Teaching and Learning Technologies/Canvas support staff member. You can’t over-book our services, that’s what we’re here for!

Need to explain in detail an issue with Canvas, student login problems, or just don’t have time to meet or call?

How? Write to us at classes [at] emory [dot] edu. The same team, (Emory TLT), that works with you one on one gets your emails and you get a ticket where you can track the progress of the solution, usually within 24hours or much quicker in most cases.

Need to get deeply engaged and want Canvas to do more? Are you wondering if colleagues at other institutions have your questions or frustrations? Are you tech-savvy? Do you love or hate Canvas and want the developers to know? Do you want Canvas to add a new feature?

How? Join the Nationwide Canvas Community by logging in to Canvas and going to the “Help” menu and choosing “Ask the Community.”

On the upper right, click on Login and if you are logged in to Canvas it will transfer your credentials to engage with Canvas developers, expert community members, and other faculty who are as interested in the online teaching environment as you are. You can search to see if others have suggested a new feature or have the same frustrations and use your voice to vote up or down suggestions for new developments on the platform.

You need never hesitate to reach out to us or the broader community of Canvas users. We are all here to help and happy to do so.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash