Canvas Release Highlights for January 2022

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The January Canvas production release occurs on Saturday January 15, 2022. Here are the highlights:

  • The Course Navigation Menu expanded/collapsed state persists across all courses, except in Grades wherein the menu is always collapsed at first.
    Animation of clicking course navigation menu hamburger icon to collapse and expand the menu.Click the icon at the upper left corner to show or hide the course menu.
  • Canvas warns teachers & other graders if they enter a submission comment in SpeedGrader and try to leave without submitting it. (Canvas will save the draft submission comment if they navigate away so they can return to submit it later.)
  • When teachers enter manual grades for missing submissions, Canvas will remove the cell highlighting from Grades & the “Missing” label from SpeedGrader. (Note: missing submissions exist for students who have submitted nothing to online submission Assignments with past due dates.)
  • Teachers using the New Quizzes engine can choose partial credit or exact match scoring for the Matching question type. 

Click here to read full release notes for January 15, 2022. The full notes contain more details about these and other changes, a link to a screencast explaining some of the changes contained in the release, a comments section, and role-specific user summaries. You can join in the discussion if you log in to the Canvas Community.

Header photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash